Our Mission ... to help boys and girls at all levels learn how to shoot a basketball by introducing
the best technique available

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This 45-minute presentation reveals the secrets of how to develop a quicker and smoother release.
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"Rick Penny is the purest shooter I have seen at any level. He has developed a shooting video that can benefit
anyone who seriously wants to learn how to shoot, quickly and efficiently. His explanations are simple and
understandable. I certainly recommend this video … It is very effective and reasonably priced."
Coach Jerry Stone
Won National Championship at Midland College
(Coached NBA players Spud Webb and Mookie Blaylock)

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Is There A Better Way To Shoot???
YES!  What trend do you see in NBA & College games today? Declining shooting percentages, right?
We know athletes are now bigger and stronger than in the past, so why are percentages going down?
There is something fundamentally wrong with the shooting techniques we see in the game today!

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Coach Penny

Early, Texas
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Discover The Proven Technique That Provides The
Quickest & Smoothest Release Possible!
Who Should You Listen To?        
1. Does the theory make sense?        
2. Is it simple and easy to learn?        
3. What success has the instructor had?  

4. Does it get results?        
5. Will it work for all types of shots ... off the dribble, from a pass, spot up, mid-range, 3 pointers, free throws?         

The Answer is One Motion!        

1. Quickest & smoothest release of any technique available today!        
2. Shooting motion "feels" effortless.        
3. Only 2 steps to learn.        
4. Non-stop shooting motion from start to finish … no wasted movements.         
5. Biomechanically sound.  

Program For Better Shooting        
Frustrated with your present way of shooting? Not sure how or what to teach your child? Coach, do you cringe         
when certain players shoot?
One Motion has a plan:

1. Commit to becoming a better shooter / teacher / coach … this is a must!        
2. Purchase the
"One Motion" Video. It will take you step by step on how to build a One Motion shot.        
3. Take advantage of  
Video Coaching (personal on-line instruction from Coach Penny).          
4. Monitor your progress throughout the year.              
5. Use
Video Coaching Sessions to maintain or get your shot back on track.    
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One Motion Video - Get the details.
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The science behind the One Motion Technique.
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Video Coaching

"Janice, Nathan & I are
extremely appreciative of
your help and support.
There would not have
been an Ensworth State
Championship this year
if Nathan's
3 point shooting
had not become more

I attribute that to
Video Coaching!
Your expertise and
patience in teaching
Nathan to shoot quicker
and more accurately has
given him the most
exciting sports moment
of his life! Thanks again
for everything!"

Clint & Janice Watkins
(parents of Nathan)
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