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Students learn how to develop a quicker & smoother release in this 45 minute
presentation. Watch chapter by chapter as you learn to build a
One Motion shot.
Chapters include:
  • About Rick Penny
  • Introduction
  • One Motion Shooting Technique
  • Step 1: SET
  • Step 2: GO
  • Combining SET & GO
  • Quick Hop
  • Stepping Into The Shot
  • Shooting From A Pass
  • Shooting Off The Dribble
  • Jump Stops
  • Free Throws
  • Three Pointers
  • S-Curve
  • Warming-Up
  • Summary
  • Terminology

Coach Penny follows his clinic format in presenting the One Motion Technique.
For boys & girls wanting to become better shooters, this is a must see! Students
are amazed at how effortless their shot feels.

Experience the difference for yourself and become a member of
One Motion family.
with Basketball Shooting Coach Rick Penny
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Video Training Files
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